How I Found My Passion

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I’m frequently asked by people I speak with how I found my way from where I started to where I’m at, and how I intend to continue to move myself forward! Here are just a few of the steps I can identify as truths in my own process.

1. I admitted that I had no control of my life, I can only make plans but if my God ( or your God )
has other I have to learn to accept those
2. I had to look at my deep fears and be able to face them head on and admitted to myself that
most of them had to do with fear.
3. I had to have the will to change.
4. I had to created a plan to achieve my vision.
5. I had to take Action on my plan.
6. I admitted I was going to get good and bad results.
7. I believed in myself, because nobody else would.

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