My relationship with alcohol in my final months…..

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Before I stopped drinking, I would hide alcohol so that my wife would not find it or keep count.

I would drink to get happy and drink fast and strong Alcohol percentage. I had my last blackout June 26, 2017. I fell asleep before I was able to commit suicide. I had no control of when to stop or would get mad when someone would tell me to stop or check my count of how much I had to drink. I was boarder line getting divorced, my relationship with my wife was unmanageable.
I had built such a good tolerance that my wife or anyone could not tell when I was buzzed. I was having withdrawals, I was feeling irritable, tired, depressed, anxious when I was not drinking.

Then I decided to make a change.

I’m Jorge Pantino, and my goal is to help people like myself. Listen to my podcast at ADDICTIONTOSUCCESS.ORG. Contact me to learn how you can join me on my path to wellbeing.

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